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Structural Reinforcement Pads


  • Preformed engineered product of specified dimension and laminated with either stainless steel or glass fiber with a backing of release paper.
  • Pressure sensitive layer will provide good green adhesion to oily metal before bake.
  • Upon bake out in E-coat oven, product will provide reinforcement to oily or E-coated sheet metal.
  • Product provides good corrosion resistance after being baked out in E-Coat oven or Paint oven.
  • Product was designed to reinforce sheet metal to prevent deformation.
  • Non-hazardous material


  • Applicable to various oily metals to provide reinforcement for the metal. (For example: roof, fender, door, etc

Stainless steel laminated



        Properties                   Value

  • Appearance                black color
  • Main Component          Epoxy resin
  • Ash Content                30% maximum
  • Density                      1.65 maximum
  • Non-volatile Content     98% minimum
  • T-Peel Strength           5kgf/25mm
  • Lap Shear Adhesion      2.5kgf/cm square
  • Vibration Loss Factor    0.25 minimum @ 20°C
                                    0.15 minimum @ 40°C
                                    0.05 minimum @ 60°C
  • Storage Stability          3 months at room temperature

Application method

  • Equipment: No special equipment needed
  • Material: Application temperature 20 ~ 30°C
      Store at room temperature
  • Curing Condition: 150°C x 30 minutes
  • Container: Corrugated box




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