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Foamed Deadener
(PVC Under Coat)


  • Easy to use with one component type.
  • Cost effective by reducing weight through expansion when cured.
  • Good elongation with good chipping and abrasion resistance.
  • Good adhesion and workability.
  • Good chemical and cold resistant properties.
  • Non-hazardous material


  • Applicable to area for water tightness, noise and vibration reduction, and anticorrosion purposes.
    (For example: under body floor, wheel housing, and fuel tank)




Properties                   Value

  • Appearance                Gray or black color paste
  • Main Component          PVC resin
  • Density                      Below 1.35
  • Solid Content              Over 98%
  • Viscosity                    20,000 ~ 40,000 cps at 20°C
  • Storage Stability          3 months at room temperature


  • Weight reduction on vehicle (1.5-2.0kg)
  • Effective cost reduction
  • Noise reduction with good elongation

Application method

  • Equipment: PUMP - 55:1
  • Material: Application temperature 20~30°C
                 Store at room temperature
  • Curing condition: 130°Cx20min->
  • Container: Magnadrum 1,200 ~ 1,500kg
                   Drum 200 ~ 270kg
                   5gal pail 20kg




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