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Body PNL Reinforcement


  • Easy to apply with one component type.
  • Robotic applicable.
  • Very good application characteristics allows carious geometries including bends and twists.
  • Non-hazardous material


  • Applicable to the inner side of door panel for reinforcement and vibration reduction.
  • Applicable to various PNL like QTR panel, roof, hood, and truck for reinforcement.



Properties                   Value

  • Appearance                Gray or black color paste
  • Main Component          Epoxy resin
  • Density                      1.43± 0.1
  • Solid Content              Over 99%
  • Viscosity                    200,000~300,000 cps at 26°C
  • Storage Stability          4 months at room temperature


  • Overall cost reduction compared with laminated PAD
  • Good for vibration reduction.
  • Good adhesion and applicable to various types of geometry including bends and twists.
  • Good corrosion resistance with excellent adhesion.
  • Be able to control the area and thickness of coating.
  • Does not cause deformation after cured.
  • Be able to apply with robot.
  • Be able to solve problems that had been taken care by PAD type.

Application method

  • Equipment: PUMP - 55:1
  • Material: Application temperature 40 ~ 60°C
      Store at room temperature
  • Curing Condition: 200°C x 20 minutes
  • Container: Drum 200 ~ 270 kg
                   5 gal pail 20 ~ 25 kg




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